Our latest shipment of Korean oral care products just arrived in Hong Kong!




The toothpaste we use has always been of the same few brands and flavours, not to mention the same boring packaging of some brands that have not changed in decades!


If these thoughts ever crossed your mind, our new shipment could be exactly what you need!


We have a large variety of Korean brands and novelty flavours that come in all sorts of interesting styles and packaging. 


VT Cosmetics is a luxury line of oral care products that turn your daily teeth cleaning ritual into a wonderful sensory experience.


Their signature ''Think Your Teeth'' collection is widely used by artists in Korea.

VT Cosmetics collaborated with Moomin and came up with this super cute 'Think Your Teeth' toothpaste.

Think Your Teeth Toothpaste @ only HKD39!

Think Your Teeth Toothbrush @ only HKD35!



Perioe is owned by LG. Since it's launch, 1.2 billion tubes of toothpaste has been sold in just Korea alone, which translates to an average of almost 24 tubes of toothpaste per person!

You may wonder why LG named this toothpaste '46CM'. 

The reason is simple! LG conducted tests, and found out that the maximum range in which people could still detect the smell of your toothpaste was a whooping 46cm!!


Price per tube (100g) HKD $19



Introducing the new Special Edition "Median Dental IQ 67%" toothpaste!


Price per tube (120g) HKD $19



'2080' is a dental clinic group in Korea, which is recommended by Korean Public Health Association.


It is also voted the #1 dental clinic brand for nine consecutive years! They came up with a line of oral care products recently.


'2080' did a crossover with 'Line Friends' and 'The Sound of Heart' to bring you these super cute toothpaste collection!


2080 LINE Friends Jasmine Toothpaste (With Sally/Brown Tin Case) 120g x 3each @ HKD $109! 

2080 The Sound of Heart Toothpaste (Whitening Plus) 100g @ HKD $29!


For more information, please check our our Oral Care Product Collection!


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