Snacky & Crisps Salted Egg Fish Skin & Laksa Potato Crisps is now available at our store!


We are retailing both Salted Egg Fish Skin 105g and Laksa Potato Crisps 105g at $65 HKD now! 


Snacky & Crisps has now reached TOP 3 in Singapore in terms of market shares and positioning for salted egg snacks.


Snacky & Crisps products are now sold in many supermarkets in Singapore. E.g Cold Storage, Fair Price and Cheers etc


Singapore Snacky & Crisps Salted Egg Fish Skin 105g @ $65HKD


Singapore Snacky & Crisps Laksa Potato Crisps 105g @ $65HKD



For more details, please check this link:

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