5 Packs SET PITTA MASK Kid Cool (Blue,Green,Gray) 3pcs/pack (15pcs)

Product Description
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  • Japan


  • 5 packs (3pcs/pack)
  • Each pack includes Blue Mask x1, Green Mask x1, Gray Mask x1

Product Description:

  • Protect yourself from pollen allergy and dust, while still looking smart. The Pitta Mask Designer Face Mask is part of a trend in Japan for wearing surgical-style face masks that protect you (and also protect others when you are sick), but still retain a fashionable chic.
  • The award-winning Pitta Mask offers a three-dimensional structure that aligns better with the contours of your face, capturing 99% of pollen in its innovative soft-stretch polyurethane materials before the particles can make contact with you.

How to use:

  • Unlike most masks, which are disposable, the tougher Pitta Mask can also be washed up to five times and reused.




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