Beautyinus Korea Ultrasonic Dermabrasion Water Peeling Machine 1pc

Product Description


  • Beautyinus


  • Korea


  • 1 pc
  • Included:
  • USB cable
  • Product Instructions
  • 3 Modes: Absorb / Lifting / Peeling


  • Deep cleaning and scavenging aged horniness.
  • Pigment decomposition and desalination spot.
  • No damage and side effects on skin.


  • 1-2 Modes: Absorb / Lifting: Galvanic ion, injected into the skin, penetrates nutrients of cosmetics deeply into the skin. Micro current that is flowed on the skin surface, lightens pigmented area.
  • 3 Modes: Peeling: Removes impurities from pores without irritation through peeling by hypoallergenic ultrasonic vibration.
  • Deep cleaning: With high frequency vibration, the skin scraper can quickly clean blackheads, whiteheads, keratin, dead skin and acne. Completely gentle exfoliating process.
  • Safety: Water Peeling Machine is made of 100% stainless steel,anti-rust, corrosion-resistant, non-allergic.
  • Ultrasonic vibration changes water to a light mist and removes sebum and impurities in pores with water.
  • Promoting blood circulation and lymphatic metabolism, enhance the regenerative ability and permeability of skin cells, Skin massage, nutrition introduction. No damage and side effects on skin.
  • Help to lighten the skin and improve skin elasticity through the galvanic massage!
  • Note: Do not use the device when charging. Fully charging needs about 150mins(First use need to use more than 5 hours). Make sure your skin stays wet or it will get uncomfortable.

How to use:

  • Press the power button to 2 seconds to turn on Water Peeling Machine.
  • Press the button 2 times to select the Moisturizing mode.

Vendor : Beautyinus

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