CP-1 Ceramide Protein Repair System Premium Hair Treatment 25ml x 4 + 12.5ml x 4

Product Description


  • CP-1


  • Korea


  • 25ml x 4 Tubes + 12.5ml x 4 Travel Packs


  • A popular tube repair system in Korea.
  • A great companion with dyed, dry and damaged hair with multiple repairing ingredients, it provides long-lasting effects.
  • Slightly acid and non-irritating formula strengthens hair with intense hydration.
  • Ceramide forms a layer on the hair surface, strengthening damaged and fragile hair.
  • Protein can be penetrated in to the hair and it repairs damaged hair. Nutrients can be absorbed rapidly.
  • Amico acid (an important component of hair) makes hair smooth, silky and shine again.

    How to use:

    • For short hair, 1 tube is suggested to be used twice or three times.
    • For long hair, 1 tube is suggested to be used once.
    • After washing, apply on hair.
    • Cover with a shower cap.
    • Remove the shower cap after 15 to 20 minutes.
    • Use warm water to rinse.

      Vendor : CP-1