Da Apothecary Rose Quartz Face & Body Spray (Attracts Love) 100ml

Product Description
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  • Da Apothecary


  • Australia 


  • 100ml


    • Magical Function:
    1. Attract Love and Positive Relationship.
    2. Strengthening Existing Relationship.
    3. Restore Confidence, Harmony Happiness and Fidelity.
    • Medicinal:
    1. Aids chances of fertility.
    2. Improving the vertigo.
    3. Soothes burns and abrasions.
    4. Strengthens the circulatory system.
    5. Unlocks impurities of the body fluids.
    • Refresh yourself with the beautiful Rose Quartz Face & Body spray made with Rose Water and Rose Quartz Crystals.

      How to use:

      • Mist face to help tone and regenerate skin, increase joy and fill your surroundings with loving energy.

      Vendor : Da Apothecary