MooGoo Anti-Aging 3 Vitamins Eye Serum 25ml

Product Description


  • MooGoo


  • Australia


  • 25ml


  • MooGoo’s 3 Vitamins Eye Serum is made by dissolving three powerful topical vitamins through a natural base of anti-oxidant oils that mimic the skin's own sebum.
  • This creates the most concentrated method of applying anti-oxidants and Phytosterols to the skin.
  • This not only ensures the maximum skin hydration and flexibility to resists lines, it also helps in the absorption of vitamins.
  • Anti-Aging 3 Vitamins Serum use a very specialized ester derived from Olive that contains increased level of Phytosterols along with Squalane and Jojoba Oil which gives extra smoothness.

How to use:

  • Take appropriate amount in fingertip (Pearl grain size) and gently apply to the areas of black circles while massaging.

Vendor : MooGoo