Yakson House Korea V Line Face Lifting & Tightening Program Band 1pc

Product Description


  • Yakson House


  • Korea


  • 1 pc


  • The highly popular perfect v lifting mask is also known as the star mask in Korea!
  • The unique band design covers the entire jaw line, the chin and the main lymphatic area behind ears.
  • Unique facial slimming combination with pressure leading-in technology, essence can be absorbed efficiently into cheeks.
  • Visible face lifting effect in 30 minutes to achieve a more contoured looking.
  • Instantly reduce the appearance of cheeks, chin fat and refines neck lines.

How to use:

  • Open the strap and pull up ,expose the chin, stick the velcro on top of head, and then expose ears.
  • Adjust the belts on sides to make better wearing effect.
  • Slightly adjust to be at the most comfortable status.


Vendor : Yakson House