Dr+ Wonder Anti Spot Patch (Pink Box-Large Version) 60pcs

Product Description


  • Dr+ Wonder


  • Korea


  • Pink Box - 60pcs: 12mm size x 36ea + 14mm size x 24ea

Green Box vs Pink Box:

  • Green Box: (10mm size x 36ea + 12mm size x 24ea)
  • Pink Box: (12mm size x 36ea + 14mm size x 24ea)
  • The spot patch size inside the pink box is slightly larger than the green and white box.
  • If your pimple size is relatively large, you can consider pink box due to its larger patch size.
  • If you would like to put the patch on while you out, it's recommended to choose the green box because the patch size is slightly smaller and hence it's not as visible after you put it on your face.
    • Acne spot patch that easily and conveniently use for all skin types.
    • Excellent for popping (squeezing) pimples without infection and scars.
    • Simply put the patch on the pimple spot and take it off later.
    • The patch amazingly remove the pimples.
    • With the slim patch, it is possible to put on makeup, and has strong adhesion.
    • Moreover, thanks to the waterproof function, it prevents the acne spots from secondary infection.
    • Easily pop(squeeze) pimples without a scar
    • Absorb the impurities and exudation for rapid recovery and regenerative effects
    • Protect acne and blemish spots from germ with the hydrocolloid patch
    • Easily take off the film, so that the patch prevents secondary infection
    • Strong adhesive patch with thin layer(0.2mm)
    • Possible to put on makeup over the slim patch
    • Portable and convenient

    How to use:

    • After cleansing, clean the wound area and let it dry thoroughly.
    • Remove the patch from the film and attach it to the center of the wound area.
    • Press for 2 ~ 3 seconds.
    • If the surface of the patch is flattened by the exudation of the wound and the patch is swollen white, you can remove or replace it.
    • All-day acne care, even while you’re swimming, washing your face, or putting on makeup


    • Q1. How many times should I apply it per week?
    • A1. We would recommend you to change it everyday. Because the ability to foster moist condition can be less effective as time goes by
    • Q2. When a pimple is popped?
    • A2. It normally takes 1 to 3 days (However, it would be dependent on what condition are you in)




        Vendor : Dr+ Wonder