Beauty Sponge Dupe Set (1 pack/5pcs)

Beauty Sponge Dupe Set (1 pack/5pcs) - LMCHING Group

Beauty Sponge Dupe Set (1 pack/5pcs)

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  • 5pcs
  • An incredible new way to apply your foundation.

  • Its unique, egg-like shape is designed to apply your makeup without streaks or excess formula, resulting in a complexion that is seemingly flawless.

  • The narrow end fits easily into the creases of the nose, mouth and eyes, while the larger end creates a sheer, no-makeup look on the chin, cheeks and forehead.

  • Because it is washable and very resilient, it minimizes the amount of bacteria that comes into contact with your skin, thereby promoting a clearer and healthier complexion.

  • Use Beauty Spongewith your wet or dry foundation and bronzers for a perfectly creamy, clear and evenly toned finish.

  • An innovative long lasting sponge for applying wet and dry foundation.

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