APIEU Enzyme Powder Wash 60g

APIEU Enzyme Powder Wash 60g - LMCHING Group

APIEU Enzyme Powder Wash 60g

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  • Korea


  • 60g


  • Enzyme powder for face cleansing - the perfect solution for any skin type.

  • It combines the properties of the cleansing foam and exfoliator, deeply but gently cleaning the skin and removing dead cells.

  • The powder contains natural papaya enzymes that are able to penetrate deep into the skin and remove contaminants from the pores.
  • The product does not dry the skin, and its acidity level is pH 5.5. Smooth, polished, clean skin in a just minute like a real magic!

    • Mix a little bit of powder and water, and foam a small amount of powder in your hands. Apply to the skin, massage for a minute, and rinse. Use daily.

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