Laneige Essential Balancing Emulsion (Light) 120ml

Laneige Essential Balancing Emulsion (Light) 120ml - LMCHING Group

Laneige Essential Balancing Emulsion (Light) 120ml

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  • 120ml
  • The refreshing-type toner tidies up shiny skin by effectively providing moisture to skin fast.
  • The moisturizing-type toner in semi-transparent, milky viscous texture gently moisturizes dry, flaky skin.
  • The ingredient of Betula alba Juice, which is rich in amino acids and minerals, moisturizes and softens skin and relieves dead skin cells by providing moisture and nourishment.
  • As Laneige’s representative moisture property, Hydro-ion Mineral Water is obtained by stabilizing plant-derived minerals extracted from nourishing Quinoa with water. It provides moisturizing energy to skin effectively and fast.
  • Laneige Water Essential Activator is made of Opuntia ficus-Indica Extract, a kind of cactus that’s resistant to dryness, and Arginine, a kind of amino acid.  It keeps skin’s moisture balance and keeps skin moisturized by preventing loss of moisture. 
  • Use at the step of toner in the morning and at night. Soak a cotton pad with an appropriate amount (diameter 2.5cm/1ml).
  • Gently wipe skin in the direction of skin texture, starting from the inside of the face and working outward.
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