Mistine 4 Concept Makeup Set 11g

Mistine 4 Concept Makeup Set 11g - LMCHING Group

Mistine 4 Concept Makeup Set 11g

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  • Mistine


  • Tailandia


  • 11g (Eyebrow + Highlight + Shading + Blusher)
  •  This make up set include eyebrow, 2 blusher colors, highlight and shading. which will be convenient for beautiful make up application professionally.

  • Layer 1. Highlights and Shading that helps make the face look pretty remarkable dimensions.

  • Layer 2,3. Blush On pink and peach two popular colors for makeup for any occasion.

  • Layer 4. Eyebrow in two color tones, light brown and dark brown. A beautiful eyebrow Contrast perfect nature.

  • Enriched with nourishing of Jojoba Oil, Horma & Dermo Fruit Lemon Extract. Cocos Nucifera Oil and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract.

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