YOKO Aloe Vera Extract Eye Gel 20g

YOKO Aloe Vera Extract Eye Gel 20g - LMCHING Group

YOKO Aloe Vera Extract Eye Gel 20g

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  • YOKO 


  • Tailandia


  • 20g
    • These original formula of eye gel is a fresh, non-oily, light and easily absorbing gel that helps the eye area to effectively protect itself  against the 1-st signs of aging.

    • It contains the excellent moisturizing and nourishing properties making it ideal for smoothing and reducing puffiness and dark circle around eye areas.

    • The gel is enriched with natural extracts containing special moisturizing ingredients.

    • Diminishes dark under eye circles and helps improves overall appearance your eyes.

    • Used daily/weekly you will begin to see the results.

    • Developed with various vitamins to aid in the regeneration of healthy skin cells and help reduce the appearance of uneven skin tones. 

      • Apply daily on morning and night time.
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