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Dogs give humans their unconditional all, and we are the center of their universe. They give us their love, trust and loyalty, and have undisputedly earned the title of "man's best friend".

Sadly, many dogs are abandoned daily. These abandoned dogs are usually older and disabled, or are carrying some form of illnesses. Some are abandoned solely due to the fact that they are no longer cute and cuddly like when they were puppies. It's sad that such things still happen. Dogs have been domesticated by humans, and there should not be strays out roaming the streets, fending for themselves, never ever getting the chance to feel the warmth and love of a home they rightfully deserve.

Here at LMCHING, we are currently sponsoring over 10 resident dogs at the SAA (Society For Abandoned Animals Limited). Our staff visit each of our sponsored dogs to make sure they feel loved, and to bring some brightness to their lives. Our missions is to help as many abandoned, stray, old and sick dogs. With each and every of your purchase online, we believe we will be able to help out more dogs gradually.

abandoned dog

They deserve to feel the love and warmth of a home again.

stray dog

They deserve to be rescued and have a chance at rehabilitation.

old dog

They still yearn for visits, affection, mental stimulation and our support.

sick dog

They must receive the medical help needed.

We sponsor


Sky (D-1209)
Year of birth: 2007
Chip number: 099-013-005

Sky has been living at SAA since she was little. She has a more passive and cautious nature, and tend to be less friendly or bark towards strangers.

However, she will warm up to strangers soon enough if they approach her slowly and give her gentle pats. She suffers from high potassium levels, and also arthritis. She will need long term medications, and also require regular follow ups and vet consultations.


Ci Ci (D-1247)
Year of birth: 2010
Chip number: 047-795-051

Ci Ci was abandoned at the SAA as a newborn, along with Ben and Ann. She is more passive and is usually shy around strangers, avoiding them whenever she can.

A lot of time has to be devoted to her to fully gain her trust, and she is usually unreceptive and sometimes aggressive towards people she is not familiar with.


Tiger Stripes (no I.D number assigned)
Year of birth: 2014
Chip number: -NIL-

"Tiger stripes" was a stray who was referred to the club by volunteers. She was found to be suffering from serious skin conditions, as well as heartworms, while she was being treated for her injuries by a vet.

"Tiger stripe's" eyes appeared abnormal and upon further diagnosis, it was discovered that she had a detached retinal lens in her left eye. She had to undergo surgery and is still currently recuperating from it. Her original home has been deemed unsuitable for her due to her conditions, and the SAA has decided to take her in and let her live at the association.


Siu Fu(D-1435)
Year of birth: 2017
Chip number: -NIL-

Siu Fu was found abandoned in the trash station with his siblings including Dai Hung and Mung Mung. Luckily, they were found and brought to SAA by a volunteer.

Siu Fu was adopted in 2017 but came back to SAA in 2021 due to the emigration of its master.


Pearly (D-1458)
Year of birth: 2013
Chip number: 078-794-369

Pearly was discovered by staff tied to the side of a road near SAA, and was immediately taken to the SAA. She has a very cheerful personality, is extremely friendly and loves sticking to humans.

Pearly was suffering from heartworms when she was first brought back, but has since been treated and recovered. She used to have a nasolacrimal duct obstruction, which has since been surgically resolved. Pearly has sensitive skin, and living indoors is a necessary criterion for her.


Sir (D-1293)
Year of birth: 2012
Chip number: 079-875-588

Sir was abandoned at the entrance of the SAA as a newborn along with another puppy, "Sha Zhan". He has a more passive nature, and is pretty timid and shy. He will generally avoid or doge strangers when they approach. However, Sir becomes friendly once he familiarizes with the people around him.

Sir has a sensitive stomach, and suffers from chronic pain in his hind legs. Long term medication and vet appointments will be necessary going forward.He also suffers from a shrunken pancreas, and has to constantly take supplements to help him gain more weight.


Leah (D-1322)
Year of birth: 2012
Chip number: 084-274-556

Leah was originally found by staff as a newborn in the mountains, and was taken to the SAA upon consideration that she had no way to fend for herself.

She is generally cautious around strangers, and gets nervous when they approach her. However, Leah warms up to people once they get acquainted, and takes the initiative to approach them, sometimes even acting up all needy. 


Tigger (D-1370)
Year of birth: 2013
Chip number: 084-117-087

Tigger was discovered abandoned at the entrance of SAA as a newborn, along with his brother, Tiggy. Tigger's personality is more withdrawn, and shies away from humans. He becomes afraid and anxious whenever a stranger approaches, or even just walks past him.

Tigger has some issues with his ears, which makes him highly susceptible to ear infection and thus has to be kept indoors. He recently experienced joint pains, and has since been needing to take shots to the bone, and will require consumption of joint supplements for the foreseeable future. 


Sum Jai (D-1262)
Year of birth: 2011
Chip number: 047-800-059

Sum Jai was abandoned at the gate of SAA when he was born. He's really friendly, and loves to be near people.

Sum Jai loves to bite and bounce around. He is on long term medications, and will require regular follow ups and vet consultations. 

There is a bridge connecting Heaven and Earth. It is called the Rainbow Bridge because of its many colors. Just this side of the Rainbow Bridge there is a land of meadows, hills and valleys with lush green grass. When a beloved pet dies, the pet goes to this place.

In loving memory of

With a heavy heart, We announce the passing of Wren. Wren has always been a bundle of joy, and was no different during our last few visits.

We take comfort that the last moments of her life were spent with the people and dogs who mattered most to her and whom she loved back unconditionally. 

Rest well dearest fur baby.

In loving memory of 


It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Glory, who was abandoned by her owner at the SAA when she was just a few months old.

The months leading up to Glory’s passing hasn’t been good for her. We noticed her troubles with walking during our last visits, as she had dislocated her legs. We hope she finds eternal peace and happiness across the rainbow bridge.

Rest well our dearest Glory.


SAA (Society For Abandoned Animals Limited)

The SAA (Society For Abandoned Animals Limited) was established on June 4, 1997 by a group of animal welfare ' activist. The motto of SAA is "Love Animal, Respect Life, No Killing or Abandoning". It was officially registered as a local charitable organization on May 28, 1998.

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