1 Carton SET USA Alpha ProTech Cool One Magic Arch Safety Surgical Medical Masks 10 boxes/500pcs

Product Description
HK$3,399.00 HK$6,990.00


  • Alpha ProTech


  • United States


  • 1 Carton (10 Boxes/500Pcs)
  • Model: BL 6055
  • Color: Blue/White (Random)
  • Size: 7 in.
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  • The integrated Magic Arch Face Mask support strip holds the mask away from the nose and mouth to create a larger breathing chamber to enhance user comfort.
  • Choose from tie strings, ear loops or ear loops with an anti-fog application.
  • Suitable use in high humidity environments or with protective eyewear.
  • Materials and construction are soft and non-irritating.
  • Comfortable to wear and good alternative to shingle pleat masks.

How to use:

  • For tie-on mask, secure upper ties at the crown of head. Then secure lower ties at the nape. For ear-loops type, position the elastic bands around both ears.
  • Extend the mask to fully cover mouth, nose and chin.
  • Mould the metallic strip over nose bridge and the mask should't snugly over the face.
  • Avoid touching the mask after wearing. Otherwise, should perform hand hygiene before and after touching the mask.


Vendor : Alpha ProTech