4id USA Weatherproof Ultra Bright LED Rechargeable Light Up Dog Leash 1pc

Product Description
HK$179.00 HK$209.00


  • 4id


  • United States


  • 3 Colors: Green / Blue / Red
  • Light Type: LEDs Light
  • Leash: 5 ft
  • Includes:
  • USB Rechargeable (1 Hour Charge Time)
  • USB Charging Cord


  • Ultra Bright LEDS
  • 7-10 hours flashing burn time
  • Weatherproof
  • USB Rechargeable (1 Hour Charge Time)


    • Great for early morning or late night walks with your favourite companion.
    • This pack keeps you and your pet safe and visible in any situation. 
    • Now drivers and people can be alerted to your dog’s visibility keeping them out of harm’s way. 
    • Choose from a steady light or flashing light setting for the ultimate protection in nighttime visibility.
    • Lightweight and convenient: These Ultra bright LED Dog Leash, are lightweight and durable, keeping pets safe on any adventure.
    • 7-10 hours flashing burn time.
    • Ultra Bright LED Safety Light keeps dogs safe and visible in any situation.
    • Versatile and Weatherproof.
    • Soft and Comfortable Lightweight Material.

    How to use:

    • Attach the leash to your dog's collar.

    Vendor : 4id