5 Bottles Set M.16 Patar 75 Toothache First Aid Tooth Kit (M16 Oral Anesthetic Pain Relief with Clove Oil) 3ml x 5 bottles

Product Description
HK$235.00 HK$245.00


  • M.16


  • Thailand


  • 3ml x 5 bottles

Each box kit contains

  • PATAR 75 medicine liquid: 3 ml
  • Plastic tweezers 1 piece
  • 1 small box cotton


  • Patar 75 is effective for the followings: decayed teeth, analgesic.
  • Contains Clove oil, Camphor, Lidocaine HCL.
  • A Dental Solution for the temporary relief of toothache.
  • Clove oil is great to relieve the troubles of toothache.
  • Provides Effective and Soothing Relief.

How to use:

  • Roll the cotton into a tiny round shaped ball then soak the cotton wool in anesthetic
  • Use the tweezers to guide and push the anesthetic soaked ball into the cavity / area of pain.

Vendor : M.16