SET of 5 Zorpads USA NASA-tested Anti Foot Odor Eliminating Shoe Inserts Pad

Product Description
HK$209.00 HK$395.00


  • Zorpads


  • United States


  • 5 Pairs
  • 4cm x 5.5cm per Pad
  • Material: non-woven


  • Zorpads fit in any shoe, anywhere, anytime. No cutting, trimming, or bunching up.
  • Zorpads are ultra thin, destroy odor, made with NASA-tested technology, stick in place with our low-residue adhesive, fit in any shoe, and don’t make a mess!
  • Made With Space-Age Tech: Zorpads Odor Eliminating Shoe Inserts Pad material is over eight times as effective at absorbing shoe odor. 
  • Zorpads have an insane amount of odor-absorbing surface area for sucking up bad smells.
  • A Sticky that doesn't get icky: Zorpads stick inside of your shoe with a proprietary adhesive blend that’s tough in musty environments and simple to remove.
  • For extremely smelly shoes, wipe down all shoe surfaces with rubbing alcohol before placing the Zorpad and allowing it to work its magic!

How to use:

  • Wipe surface of insole clean with a damp rag and allow to dry.
  • Peel Zorpad off backing and place under the arch of your foot on the top of the insole.
  • We recommend replacing Zorpads every 2 months or when they wear down completely, but really whenever your shoes start to get a little odorous.

Vendor : Zorpads