SET of 10 Smell Lemongrass Handmade Camphor Air Freshener/Mosquito Repellent 30g

Product Description
HK$435.00 HK$450.00


  • Smell Lemongrass


  • Thailand


  • 30g x 10 packs
  • (Lemongrass) 30g x 1
  • (Bergamot) 30g x 1
  • (Fresh Mint) 30g x 1
  • (Jasmine) 30g x 1
  • (Lavender) 30g x 1
  • (Lime) 30g x 1
  • (Orange) 30g x 1
  • (Oriental Rose) 30g x 1
  • (Lemon) 30g x 1
  • (Rosemary) 30g x 1


  • Enhance your lifestyle and freshen the air in your room with just one linen-bag of Smell Lemongrass Camphor Air Freshener.
  • This air freshener protects your body from mosquito bites by producing unfavorable flavor for mosquitoes.
  • This air freshener protects not only repels mosquitoes, but also contains a light floral scent.
  • Fill your home with your favorite fresh smell and help neutralize odors. Place in the room or any place you want.
  • Formulated with organic and natural ingredient.
  • It will last up to 2-3 months after it's been opened.

How to use:

  • Place or hang anywhere you want to absorb unpleasant smells and diffuse natural fresh scent.