APIEU Aqua Nature White Up Clouding Cream 50ml

Product Description




  • Korea


  • 50ml


  • It's designed with the sole intention of brightening your face.
  • Once you start actually spreading it on your skin, it becomes really soft
  • Some tone-up creams feel far too dry, but this one spreads like a charm and stays moisturized.
  • It rarely gets clogged up once applied, and the brightening effect really is there, but very naturally.
  • The brightening effect is certainly immediate, but it doesn't go overboard with its effect, and while there is certainly lots of moisture, it really doesn't feel sticky.
  • And it's definitely not oily.


How to use:

  • In the final stage of care, take an appropriate amount in the palm of your and spread it gently along the skin texture.
  • Wrap it around the palm of your hand to help absorb the skin deeply.
        Vendor : A'PIEU