APIEU Good Morning Sorbet Mask 105ml

Product Description




  • Korea


  • 105ml


  • Keep skin moisturized and refreshed throughout the day with the A'PIEU Good Morning Sorbet Mask
  • Brightening & Wrinkle-Repairing
  • 1. Special Features
  • Easy special care
  • Quickly treat rough, dull skin 
  • Hydrating sorbet texture
  • Cools and hydrates skin 
  • 2. Refreshed skin
  • Alaskan glacial water (10%)
  • Hydrates and energizes
  • Pumpkin extract (10%)
  • Refresh and moisturize 
  • 3. Make one hour of sleep look like a full night's rest 
  • Use as the last step of your morning skincare routine, before makeup 
    Pat into face, avoiding the eyes and mouth

How to use:

  • Used at the last stage of skin care
  • Spread an appropriate amount on face and gently pat to absorb better.
        Vendor : A'PIEU