A’PIEU Naked PHA Peeling Gel (Soft and Moist) 100ml

Product Description


  • A'PIEU


  • Korea


  • 100ml
  • #PHA - Lactobionic Acid (Soft and Moist)


  • Say good-bye to dead skin cell. Naked peeling gel line to help make clean and clear skin.
  • The gel contains peeling ingredient PHA (Plyhydroxy acids), known for being gentle and preventative of moisture loss
  • PHA is less abrasive than AHA or BHA, and attracts more moisture
  • gel consistency stays put, perfect for peeling
    • Mild and moisturizing PHA peeling gel
    • Obtained from Milk Sugar
    • Moist and flexible peeling effect


    How to use:

    • Apply gel on dry skin
    • Gently massage in the product
    • Sebum and impurities will be peeled off
    • Rinse off with lukewarm water, and you have smooth, clean skin!
            Vendor : A'PIEU