APIEU Frizzy Hair Stick 15g

Product Description


  • A'PIEU


  • Korea


  •  15g


  • A hair stick wax that tidies up your hair with one touch.
  • A hair stick wax that gently cleanses and calms unwanted frizzy hair with light touch.
  • The botanical oil protects the hair while giving it a soft shine, and the polymer and setting ingredients combine with the hair to maintain refined hairstyle.
  • It styles your hair healthily with the help of botanical oil.
  • Hydrolysed keratin protects hair from external stimuli while Jojoba seed oil makes it smooth.
  • Convenient and easy to carry around.

How to use:

  • Make hairstyle you want after dry hair.
  • Lightly apply the product over frizzy hair for desired look.
  • Fix your hairstyle by gently pushing with fingers.

Vendor : A'PIEU