APIEU Waterproof Long Lasting Volumizing Hair Cushion Bong 9g (2 Colors)

Product Description




  • Korea


  • 9g
  • 2 Colors
  • #Dark Brown
  • #Medium Brown


  • A handy product for covering M-shaped forehead, spaced side area, uneven hairline.
  • Give an extra oomph to your tresses with this hair cushion designed in an easy-to-use stick applicator.
  • Long-lasting and high-pigmented formula is strong against sweat and water while the cushion applicator gives a natural-looking finish.
  • Gives a natural hair line look with gradated color payoff.
  • Color Dark Brown for dark color hair like black, natural brown hair.
  • Its velvet liquid texture can adhere in between the hair gently and stay long on it for tidy and neat look.
  • Contains Black Beans Extracts to nourish scalp.
  • Contains Charcoal Powder to keep the hair line matte and fresh.
  • Contains corn starch ingredients to absorb excess sebum on scalp and hair.
  • Contains Jojoba Seed Oil to nourish and give pore care to scalp.

How to use:

  • Spin the bottom of the pen towards right slightly.
  • Apply on the space of the hair line inwards and outwards, blend naturally with original hair.

Vendor : A'PIEU