Aqua Savon Japan Milky Peko 48 Vitamin Perfume Body Mist (Baby Milky Scent) 100ml

Product Description


  • Aqua Savon


  • Japan


  • 100ml (Baby Milky Scent)


  • Milky Scent Body Mist has a soft, sweet scent, just like you'd smell on a baby.
  • Enriches moisture and vitality to your skin, leaving your skin silky and moisturized.
  • Contains naturally-derived ingredients such as Tocopheryl acetate which is rich in Vitamin C to moisturize your skin, leaving it smooth and clean.
  • Can be used as body mist, hair perfume, or dress perfume to uplift your mood.

How to use:

  • Apply directly to the skin.
  • Can be used immediately after showering or bathing.

Vendor : Aqua Savon