Aromate Taiwan 100% Natural Pet Anti Fleas Odor Removing Pad (Suitable for All Pets) 17g / 1 pack

Product Description
HK$39.00 HK$69.00


  • Aromate


  • Taiwan


  • 17g / 1 pack
  • Size: 1 Case 10cm x 10cm (4in x 4in)


  • Better smelling makes a happy and healthy home!
  • Used to completely remove pet's odours and staining caused by urine and other strong lasting smells.
  • Skin safe & non-irritants to pets.
  • Quickly get rid of pet area odors.
    • Fragrance-Free and no harmful chemicals: Contains NO fragrances, essential oils, aldehydes, citrus pulp, ketones or encapsulations and NO enzymes, oxygenation, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine, alcohol, surfactants, detergents or surface tension reducers. 
    • 100% Natural Deodorant, Lavender essential oil.

    How to use:

    • Place the Pet Odor Removing Pad in pet house.


    Vendor : Aromate