Be in a Good Mood USA Neutral Earl Grey Home Fragrance Aromatic Reed Diffuser (Orange Tea Accord & Lily) 100 ml

Product Description
HK$119.00 HK$299.00


  • Be in a Good Mood


  • United States


  • 100ml


  • Cleopatra was believed to refresh her spirit with the aroma of earl grey. Perhaps it will have the same power over you.
  • According to Feng Shui, Grey is neutral, calm, quiet, and lacks energy. The psychological effects of grey can also be boring, conservative, and draining to the physical body.  Basic meanings described as calm, quiet, and neutral.

How to use:

  • To enhance or dim the intensity, simply change the number of aroma sticks & the scent will follow. 
  • Perfect for decorating home, Office, bathroom, bedroom and anywhere you want.