Beauty Bubble CO2 Skin Peel Mask (Honey) 3pcs

Product Description
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  • Beauty Bubble


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  • 3pcs (Honey)

Product Description:

  • 1 Beauty Bubble CO2 Mask = 7 consecutive days of your usual mask effect!
  • Create a porcelain skin IN JUST 20 MINUTES!
  • A CO2 peel literally peel off layers of damaged skin.
    • SPA-like Treatment
    • New carbonated masks require no water for cleansing!
      • COSME AWARD NO 1!


      • Nourishing and moisturizing: mix two liquids together to produce carbonate bubbles immediately. It can refresh the skin and make various cosmetic ingredients penetrate into the skin, thus moisturizing your face.
      • Promote skin’s blood circulation, increase activity and strengthening absorption of skin care products!
      • Firming the skin: the formation of mask gel can firm the skin, shrink pores and make your skin full of elasticity.
      • Translucent and beautiful: remove the formed mask gel to take away the keratin which causes black eyes and dull skin, making the skin translucent and beautiful.
        • Oil-Control
        • Tighten Pore
        • Lifts Skin
        • Enhance Skin’s Elasticity
        • Enhance V-facial Lines
        • Even Out Skin Complexion 
        • No Added Preservatives, Artificial Colors, Mineral Oil, Alcohol


          How to use:

          • You can see a lot of foam in the packet, which is the newly activated carbonic acid. The carbonic acid will cause a lot of oxygen to enter your skin. 

          • Apply the mask on the face for about 20 minutes and then try to peel it off from the edge when you feel the mask dries slowly to tighten the skin. When the whole mask can be removed easily, it’s time experience the pleasant process.


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