Betadine Povidone Lodine First Aid Solution (Wound Care) 15cc

Product Description


  • Betadine


  • Thailand


  • 15cc


  • Rapidly kills a wide range of germs to prevent and treat infections in cuts, wounds, abrasions and burns.

  • Continuous germ killing action against a wide range of germs.

  • The golden brown colour of povidone-iodine is a natural non-staining indicator that fades when it is time to reapply.
  • The solution is used to treat minor wounds (e.g., cuts, scrapes, burns) and to help prevent or treat mild skin infections.
  • This product contains antibiotics that work by slowing or stopping the growth of bacteria.


How to use:

  • Carefully squeeze the bottle around the cuts/wounds area for first aid antiseptic.
  • Do not use in the eyes, over large areas of the body, or if you are sensitive to iodine or other product ingredients
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