Cathy Doll I Am Single - Pherolove Gel Perfume (Come On Baby) 15g

Product Description
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  • Cathy Doll 


  • Korea


  • 15g


    • The gel perfume contains "Calling Love" pheromone, formulated specially for all singles out there.
    • This unique scent is compounded with a sexually stimulating substance that brings the opposite gender attracted and come closer to you irresistibly.
    • ✔ All Men's Attraction
    • ✔ Unique Perfume Stick
    • ✔ Makes You Smell Sexually Attractive
    • ✔ Love Bible For Getting Men's Heart

    How to use:

    • Apply gel around the pulse points, such as the wrists in the crook and the baby's ear or the placenta at other points as needed.

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