LG Perioe Total 7 Toothpaste (Strong-Mint) 120g

Product Description
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  • LG


  • Korea


  • 120g

Brand Description:

  • Perioe, which originated from periodontal, is now recognised as the best Korean oral care brand with its effectiveness and design.
  • Since the brand launched, 1.2 billion tubes of toothpaste has been sold in Korea, and it's almost 24 tubes per a person


  • Symptoms to look at the problems lurking 7 functions at once.
  • Natural antibacterial of 99.9%
    • This extra strength, antimicrobial toothpaste is designed to reverse ugly red puffy oral tissue and eliminate bad breath.
    • Fortified with Zinc and Xylitol, Periotherapy Toothpaste is very effective at reversing the onset of red, puffy gums.



    Vendor : LG PERIOE