COREANA 2 Step Orthia Perfect Collagen 28 Days Intensive Ampoule Aqua Mask 10pcs

Product Description


  • Korea


  • 25ml x 10pcs
  • Contain:
  • Step 1:  28 Days collagen enriched ampoule 
  • Step 2: High adhesive mask


  • Facial Mask contains Morinda citrifolia fruit extracts and Acetyl heptapeptide-9.
  • accelerate collagen synthesis in order to improve wrinkles and keep skin resilient.
  • Ramulus mori extracts have whitening function, ORTHIA Perfect Collagen can be called double functional product.
  • Elastic Essence: Infused with a delicate essence, it provides vitality to the skin so that the skin absorbs nutrients in deep.

How to use:

  • After washing your face, apply Step 1 toner to soften the skin.
  • Take out the mask, paste on the face to cover the whole face.
  •  After 10 - 20 minutes, take off the mask and gently massage the whole face.

Vendor : Coreana