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DAISO Japan Daiso Eyebrow Coat 6ml

Product Description




  • Japan


  • 6ml


  • Are you tired of keep redoing your eyebrows every other hour?Daiso's Eyebrow Coat is here to help!
  • In clear liquid form, this Eyebrow Coat is specialized to protect the on-fleek eyebrows you have from morning utill night time.
  • This product waterproofs your eyebrow makeup. It is resistant to sweat and water, keeping your brows looking beautiful all day long.

    How to use:
    • Step 1. Shake well before use
    • Step 2. After applying your eyebrow make-up, damp half of the brush with Eyebrow Coat
    • Step 3. Lightly apply one coat in a single stroke
    • Step 4. Avoid touching and rubbing your eyebrows until it dries
      Vendor : DAISO