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Dalish Jeju Mayu Camellia Mask Pack 10pcs

Product Description
$75.00 $129.00


  • Dailish


  • Korea


  • 10pcs


  • Colllagen and horse oil provide moisture and elasticity to skin, and it makes skin moist and smooth, Camellia Extract make your skin calm and fresh like the type of high moisture skin essence!
  • Horse fat : Rapid penetration of the skin, skin regeneration effect, superior moisturizing effect
  • Collagen : anti-aging skin elasticity 
  • Green Tea : relieve itching skin, relieve allergies
  • Aloe : antioxidant activity, improve skin disorders

How to use:

  • Put the mask on face for 20-40 minutes, and then massage the remaining essence until absorbed.
    Vendor : Dalish