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Danahan Bon Yeon Jin Anti-Wrinkle Special Set 7pcs

Product Description
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  • Danahan


  • Korea


  • Skin Toner 160ml & 30ml
  • Emulsion 160ml & 30ml
  • Cream 50ml & 15ml
  • Essence 10ml

Expiry Date:

  • 30/8/2017


    • DANAHAN - SOMANG COMPANY studied  RGII since 1997 to make one best anti-aging complex and combine into cosmetic.
    • Patented Retinol of Red Ginseng, Dananhan's Exclusive Anti-Wrinkle Ingredients: Manufactured with 100% Korean oriental herbs plus reliable raw materials - safe & quality red ginsengs which are assured by the Korean Ginseng Corporation.


    • Skin Toner 160ml & 31ml: supplies ample moisture to the skin and boosts the skin metabolism. This moisture-rich toner balances for better skin circulation and delivers deep hydration to dry & damaged skin. It helps to keep your skin soft and supple and enhances its water-retaining power.
    • Emulsion 160ml & 31ml: fortifies the nourishment to the skin and delivers deep hydration to the deepest layers of the skin for a long period time. This soft enriched-textured emulsion promotes penetration of essential active component upon contact and retains deep hydration for a long period time.

    • Cream 50ml & 15ml: Intensive wrinkle correction cream, formulated with Korean medicinal herbs that works on deep and fine wrinkles and lifts us the wrinkles. This cream nourishes skin inside and out to restore healthy-looking skin and resilience. The red ginseng extracts promote smooth, tight skin and eliminate the origin of wrinkles.

    • Essence 10ml: nourishes weak skin inside and out to restore tight skin and resilience. This high-enriched gel-type essence delivers nourishment and resilience to the deeper layers of the skin. It restores the skin's vitality and promotes the effects of anti-wrinkle care.

    How to use:

    • Skin Toner - After cleansing, get an appropriate amount and apply them gently along the skin texture. For better absorption, tap the skin softly.

    • Emulsion - Get an appropriate amount and apply evenly on your face starting from the middle and outwards then massage up your neck after applying the essence.

    • Cream - Scoop out an appropriate amount and distribute them to your face and neck. Gently apply to your face with your hands to allow quick absorption of the product.

    • Essence - Get an appropriate amount and gently apply onto the face along the texture of your skin using your palms for better absorption.

    Vendor : Danahan