Derm all Matrix ECM Artificial Skin Treatment Dermal Care Gel Mask 4pcs

Product Description
  • Derm all Matrix


  • Korea


  • 35g x 4pcs


  • Rion Medifab specializes in research and development, performing national research projects related to artificial ligaments and artificial skin with hospitals, universities, and government-affiliated research institutes.
  • Derm·all Matrix research team, with its broad experience in skin regeneration, has developed Derm·all Matrix skin care out of the most similar material to human skin based on artificial skin manufacturing technology for burn treatment.
  • Derm-all Matrix Facial Mask, is said to be a mask like no other as it immerses your skin in intense moisture.

  • Designed with a distinctive hydrogel known as Extra Cellular Matrix (ECM) that replenishes and restores moisture for deeply hydrated, bouncy skin.

  • The ECM found in the mask penetrates the surface of the skin leaving it soft and dewy, with a gorgeous glow.

  • Exclusively innovated for overnight use, this unique mask will lavish you with moisturized and beautiful skin after just one use.

  • Derm-all Matrix Facial Mask is a cult-favorite skincare product in Korea, it’s also known as the Stewardess Mask for its miraculous ability to combat jet-lagged skin.

  • The Derm·all Matrix esthetic mask is a brand-new concept of home esthetic maskpack with controlled-delivery technology of essence, which is able to transmit the essence to the dermal layer of skin for a long period of time, unlike conventional maskpack, which transmit the essence to the surface of skin only for a short period(20~30 minutes) of time.

  • Derm·all matrix esthetic mask can be used as a sleeping maskpack and a cooling pack with sunburn-relief effect after outdoor leisure activities as well as a home esthetic maskpack with excellent adhesiveness.

How to use:

  • After cleansing, open the pouch and attach the mask on your eye-zone.
  • You can use it for hours, unlike ordinary mask packs; it can be used as a sleeping pack.