SANDOZ Dermazin Cream (Burn & Wound) 25g

Product Description




  • Germany (Imported from Thailand)


  • 25g


  • Dermazin Cream is used for the treatment and prevention of burn wound infections and infected dermal defects, including bedsores and deep neglected wounds.
  • Treatment & prophylaxis of burn infections in 2nd & 3rd degree burned patients.
  • Other skin conditions eg leg ulcers, where infection may prevent healing & for the prophylaxis of infection in skin grafting. 


How to use:

  • Properly clean burn area, apply Dermazin Cream to a thickness of 2 to 4mm to the burned area or, preferably the cream is applied to a sterile gauze which is then placed over the burn wound.
  • Apply daily until results are achieved.
Vendor : SANDOZ