EMMA 1997 Deep Moisture Body Cream 180ml

Product Description


  • EMMA 1997


  • Taiwan


  • 180ml


  • Nourishes the skin, provides moisture, and feels soft and silky lotion, providing the nutrients needed for skin repair.
  • Multiple nourishing ingredients deepen the underlying muscles to maintain skin health, balance oil and water, and restore youthful radiance in the most refreshing and unburdened way.
  • It can help to solve dull, dry peeling and fine lines.
  • Continuous use for 14 days works best. After the emulsion is completely absorbed, it is dry and not sticky.
  • No need to be removed with a makeup remover.
  • Deep hydration: Prevents and improves the moisture of the skin caused by air drying.
  • Repair skin radiance: Promote epidermal renewal and Maintain normal metabolism of the human body.

How to use:

  • Take appropriate emma body lotion after bath, apply it in the place where you want to whiten, stay for 10-15 minutes, massage skin for 30 seconds (can be combined with your body moisturizer).
  • The whole body can be used especially in the lower part of the neck (underarm, inner thigh, knee, groin, elbow, joint and any place where the melanin is dark).

Vendor : EMMA 1997

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