Essential Dog Organic Deodoriser - Lavender, Lemon Peel & Clary Sage (Adults & Puppies) 125ml

Product Description


  • Essential Dog


  • Australia


    • 125ml


    • This dog cologne & deodoriser is packed with 7 organic extracts, vitamin E, antioxidants & scented entirely by 100% pure essential oils (<1%) leaving your dog smelling great.
    • A light herbal scent with a hint of honey apple tones.
    • Designed to mask unpleasant odours between baths, deodorise dog bedding, assist with brushing and make your dog feel and smell great!

    How to use:

    • Simply apply several sprays along your dogs back.
    • You can also spray the deodoriser & brush the coat making grooming an easier task.

    Vendor : Essential Dog