Goodal Green Tangerine Citrus Vita C Serum Mask 5pcs

Product Description


  • Goodal


  • Korea


  • 5pcs


  • The Goodal Citrus Vita C Serum Mask is made with Green tangerine extract and Vitamin C,  which helps create a clear and translucent complexion of your skin.
  • Low-irritation while embracing the benefits of using an entire 30ml bottle of the serum!
  • Delicate Texture: It fits to the facial skin and relieves tightening.
  • Elastic Essence: Infused with a delicate essence, it provides vitality to the skin so that the skin absorbs nutrients in deep.
  • It provides abundant moisture with outstanding moisturizing.
  • It tightens your skin, reduces large pores and restores the skin's pH balance.

How to use:

  • After cleansing routine, use a toner to soothe the skin texture.
  • Open the mask pouch and remove the film from the sheet. Apply the mask evenly over your face.
  • Leave on for 10-20 minutes and remove the mask. Gently pat the remaining essence into the skin.


Vendor : GOODAL