Haute Diggity Dog USA White Chewy Vuiton Handbag Soft Plush Squeaker Dog Toy 1pc

Product Description
HK$99.00 HK$199.00


  • Haute Diggity Dog


  • United States


  • 1 pc
  • Large Size: 6"
  • Made of soft plush with a fun squeaker inside!


  • Haute Diggity Dog is the original designer parody plush dog toy company.
  • Haute Diggity Dog was launched in 2004 and quickly took the pet world by storm!


  • The handbag every woman wants is now the toy every dog needs.
  • Plush exterior with a squeaky that drives dogs crazy. Every Pampered Pup should have one.
      • Squeaky, stylish designer parody plush toys for fashion hounds that’ll make dog moms & dads jealous.