Holika Holika Face Conditioner Cushionmatic Primer (Peach) 35ml

Product Description
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  • Holika Holika


  • Korea


  • 35ml

  • Primer refreshes the skin and reduces greasy shine during the day.

  • It has moisturizing properties, high density and elastic texture.

  • Gives a feeling of freshness throughout the day.

  • Birch juice combined with pine resin extract refreshes the skin and controls the production of cutaneous sebum, and the patented ingredient AQUAXYL maintains a natural level of skin hydration, smooths skin texture and prevents loss of moisture.

  • Primer is suitable for all skin types.

How to use :
  • Spread the necessary amount of primer on the cleared skin of the face before applying the make-up.

          Vendor : Holika Holika