Special Edition JMsolution Water Luminous Golden Cocoon Black Mask 10pcs

Product Description


  • JMsolution


  • Korea


  • 10pcs


  • With thick and dense-mesh net structure, it moisturizes skin and prevent evaporation.
  • High-adherence and high elasticity mask pack with the effect of a whole bottle (45g) of essence!
  • Amazing effect of triple rayon sheet from Japan.
  • Streghtenns skin's natural moisture barrier with 1000ppm PhytoAct golden silk oil.
  • Contains golden silk cocoon protein and provides double functions of whitening and wrinkle improvement.
  • High-Moisturising ingredient of triple hyaluronic acid and moisture
  • Deeply hydrates rough, dry skin.
  • Patent: Golden cocoon extract


How to use:

  • Put the mask on face for 20-40 minutes, and then massage the remaining essence until absorbed.

Vendor : JMsolution