Kokoa Botanics USA Aluminum Free Vegan Sport Natural Detox Deodorant (Caribbean Coconut) 90g

Product Description
HK$89.00 HK$179.00


  • Kokoa Botanics


  • United States


  • 90g


  • A natural deodorant that actually works, smells and feels great! 
  • Formulated for a smooth feel and all-day protection, without aluminum, propylene glycol or synthetic chemicals. 
  • Kaolin clay and coral calcium add extra odor protection and absorption. 
  • Kokoa Botanics have formulated the right balance of odor absorbing baking soda ,clays, bamboo extract and arrow root powder to keep you fresh and odor free all day, without super high levels of baking soda like many brands.
  • Committed to providing you Vegan, Toxin-Free, Plastic-Free body care.
  • Absorbs moisture & neutralizes odors.
  • Proven all-day protection.  No Harsh Chemicals.
  • Eco-Friendly.  Completely Biodegradable.
  • no parabens, no aluminum, no plastic, no soy, no gluten, no animal products, no dyes and no animal testing.

How to use:

  • Push up product a small amount at time.
  • For all-day protection, apply a small amount under arms.
  • Allow to absorb or gently rub in.