LG Bamboo Salt Toothpaste WON SENG BACK 140g (Original White Teeth)

Product Description
HK$10.00 HK$25.00


  • LG


  • Korea


  • 140g


  • WON SENG BACK specially added whitening formula and pearl protein. 
  • Helps to remove cigarette stain.
  • Salt is one of the essential elements for human which helps one’s metabolism and has anti-bacterial function.
  • Bamboo salt is different from the normal salt with its 3 times stronger anti-bacterial effectiveness, which is good for cleaning, caring and protecting gum and oral health.
  • It contains only the finest quality bamboo salt derived from bamboo grown on Jiri Mountain.
  • As Korea’s first Oriental medicine toothpaste, it is remarkably effective at preventing gum disease. Its efficacy and benefits are recognized by various international oral care associations

How to use:

  • Use only a pea sized amount of toothpaste on toothbrush. Gently brush the teeth. Do not swallow.


Vendor : LG