LG FIJI Power Sheet (Laundry Detergent) 30 sheets

Product Description


  • LG


  • Korea


  • 30 sheets


  • Laundry Detergent, Fabric Softener, and Static Control All in One! Best Laundry Soap Sheet!
  • Works with all types of laundry machines and dryers. Great for Front Loaders!
  • Travel friendly, can even be used without a washing machine. Airline Approved!
  • Lightweight! Each sheet does one full load of laundry. Great for College Students, Travel, Camping, and Everyday Use!

How to use:

1. For Hand wash:
  • Put your clothes inside a basket with water.
  • Put one powder sheet inside the water.
  • Soap your clothes for 10-20mins.
  • You can then wash your clothes.
2. For machine:
  • Put your clothes inside the washing machine.
  • Simply put one powder sheet inside the machine.
  • Turn on the washing machine.
  • Start washing your clothes with just one powder sheet.
Vendor : LG