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MISSHA Gold Snow Geum Sul Moisturising Special Set 7pcs

Product Description
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  • Korea


  • MISSHA Gold Snow Toner 145ml
  • MISSHA Gold Snow Emulsion 100ml
  • MISSHA Gold Snow Rejuvenating Cream 50ml
  • + Toner (30ml) + Emulsion (30ml) + Serum(7ml) + Cream (10ml)


  • Premium oriental emulsion made with wild ginseng, deer antlers and reishi mushrooms enriched and extracted by gold and 100% ginseng water boost your skin elasticity and healthy foundation.
  • Contains 100% Ginseng Water instead of plain water, made with ginseng collected in Geumsan, Korea which is famous for the best quality of ginseng around the world. The Ginseng Water provides enough moisture deep into your skin.
  • MISA Geum Sul made with the precious oriental medicine enriched and extracted by gold restores your skin condition as everlasting and luxurious as gold.
  • Made with such noble ingredients, MISA Geum Sul rejuvenates your skin andremoves any impurities from your face. With MISA Geum Sul, you will feel the innovative anti-aging functions and skin purification.
  • In addition, Pure 24K gold, the symbol of unchangeable beauty brightens your skin tone along with the more than 97 kinds of well-harmonized oriental medicine. 
  • With MISSHA Gem Sul, imagine that you have the best skin condition just like the shining gold sunshine coming down to your skin.

How to use:

  • Skin Toner - After cleansing, get an appropriate amount and apply them gently along the skin texture. For better absorption, tap the skin softly.

  • Emulsion - Get an appropriate amount and apply evenly on your face starting from the middle and outwards then massage up your neck after applying the essence.

  • Cream - Scoop out an appropriate amount and distribute them to your face and neck. Gently apply to your face with your hands to allow quick absorption of the product.

  • Essence - Get an appropriate amount and gently apply onto the face along the texture of your skin using your palms for better absorption.

Vendor : MISSHA