MISSHA LINE Friends Edition Sally Micro Facial Cleansing Bubble Foam (Green Tea Seed) 250ml

Product Description
HK$39.00 HK$59.00




  • Korea


  • 250ml


  • This moisturizing foam cleanser is formulated with green tea seed and soapberry, which can be used for any skin type.
  • Its dense and fine bubbles can deep clean pores gently and effectively removes impurities to promote fresh and clean skin.
  • After washing the face, skin feels moisturized.

Multiple Effects:
  • Moisturizing Skin: Green tea nutrients instantly provide hydrating to skin during washing face.
  • Gentle Cleansing: Rich bubbles help clean the face without irritating skin.
  • Eliminate Impurities: With the natural cleansing power Soapberry, remaining makeup and impurities can be removed effectively. 


Vendor : MISSHA