Dr+ Wonder Anti Spot Acne & Pimple Patch (Pink Box-Large Version) 60pcs

Product Description


  • Dr+ Wonder


  • Korea


    • PINK Box - 60pcs :  (12mm size x 36pcs + 14mm size x 24pcs)

    WHITE Box vs GREEN Box vs PINK Box:

    • WHITE Box - 60pcs :  (10mm size x 36pcs + 12mm size x 24pcs)
    • GREEN Box - 60pcs :  (10mm size x 36pcs + 12mm size x 24pcs)
    • PINK Box - 60pcs :  (12mm size x 36pcs + 14mm size x 24pcs)
    • The patches in the PINK boxes are slightly larger than those in the GREEN and WHITE ones.
    • Patches in the WHITE box contain a whitening ingredient "nicotine guanamine", which is effective in reducing acne scars.
    • If your pimple is larger, the PINK box is a more suitable purchase due to its larger patch sizes.
    • If you would like to have the patches on while out in public, the GREEN box would be a better option because the patches are smaller and therefore less visible.
        • Acne spot patch that easily and conveniently use for all skin types.
        • Excellent for popping (squeezing) pimples without infection and scars.
        • Simply put the patch on the pimple spot and take it off later.
        • The patch amazingly remove the pimples.
        • With the slim patch, it is possible to put on makeup, and has strong adhesion.
        • Moreover, thanks to the waterproof function, it prevents the acne spots from secondary infection.
        • Easily pop(squeeze) pimples without a scar
        • Absorb the impurities and exudation for rapid recovery and regenerative effects
        • Protect acne and blemish spots from germ with the hydrocolloid patch
        • Easily take off the film, so that the patch prevents secondary infection
        • Strong adhesive patch with thin layer(0.2mm)
        • Possible to put on makeup over the slim patch
        • Portable and convenient

        How to use:

        • After cleansing, clean the wound area and let it dry thoroughly.
        • Remove the patch from the film and attach it to the center of the wound area.
        • Press for 2 ~ 3 seconds.
        • If the surface of the patch is flattened by the exudation of the wound and the patch is swollen white, you can remove or replace it.
        • All-day acne care, even while you’re swimming, washing your face, or putting on makeup


        • Q1. How many times should I apply it per week?
        • A1. We would recommend you to change it everyday. Because the ability to foster moist condition can be less effective as time goes by
        • Q2. When a pimple is popped?
        • A2. It normally takes 1 to 3 days (However, it would be dependent on what condition are you in)



            Vendor : Dr+ Wonder